Suggestions for Healing

Explore what the loss means to you and how it impacts your life. How the loss affects your image of yourself, your relationships with others, your finances, roles, status, your dreams and goals, your image of the past, present or future, and your values and beliefs. Surround yourself with people who care about you and […]

What do I do after the death of a loved one?

When a loved one dies, you may be too tired or upset to cope with the situation alone. What can you do? Take time to say goodbye at the bedside or as appropriate Determine who needs to know about what has happened Contact your support network for guidance and support Ask for professional assistance Contact […]

The Fears of Dying

There is an old 15th century folk saying that says: “To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always.” Knowing the fears we experience as we are dying may be very helpful while providing comfort. 1.  Fear of the process Will death be painful? Will it be frightening? What will happen to my body? Body […]

The Dying Process: Final Hours

The physical and mental changes that you will be seeing may seem frightening and distressing. Each person’s death is different. Changes may occur quickly or slowly, may appear and then disappear only to reappear again. People die when they are ready. In general, people die as they have lived. If a person is cheerful and […]

The Dying Process: Stages

These are loose guidelines, please remember that everyone is different and not each of the items under the heading will occur. This may be helpful in starting important discussions with a partner, doctor, or family. 3-6 Weeks Prior to Death   Motor Falling due to resistance to accept help Need for more assistance with walking, […]

Managing Caregiver Burnout (Compassion Fatigue)

Caregiver burnout or compassion fatigue is profound emotional and physical erosion when the caregiver is unable to refuel and regenerate. Feeling “burned out” is physical and emotional exhaustion. It is possible to transform caregiver burnout and build resilience: Acknowledge the Compassion Fatigue in your life and take responsibility for your own wellness and nurture your […]