Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual hike?

A Virtual Walk can be done anytime and anywhere and allows you to participate in the Burnaby Hospice Society’s VIRTUAL Hike for Hospice event safely to stay active and raise awareness for hospice care. You choose when and how to walk, whether indoors on a treadmill, or getting your steps in doing an aerobic video, a walk through your neighborhood or local park; you decide when, where, and how you want to participate.

Why is this year’s Hike for Hospice virtual?

In normal times, our annual Hike for Hospice would be held as an in-person group event in Burnaby’s Central Park.  Due to COVID we are unable to host an in-person event, but the virtual hike allows everyone to still participate while maintaining proper safety and health protocols. A virtual event also allows families to commemorate together regardless of whether some live outside of Burnaby, across Canada, or around the world.  With this in mind, we invite you to join our first ever VIRTUAL Hike for Hospice.

Why do you need to raise money – isn’t everything shut down do to COVID?

These are extraordinary times and like you, Burnaby Hospice Society is working to adapt. Burnaby Hospice continues to provide free grief counselling and support programs during the pandemic in order to continue to meet our community’s needs in this ever-changing, turbulent world.

The end-of-life journey as well as dealing with grief during bereavement is difficult during the best of times.  Health restrictions that are in place to prevent the spread of the virus also reduce our ability to socially connect with family and friends at these critical times in our lives.  Burnaby Hospice continues to support anyone in our community through safe and approved COVID compliant programs.

How does a virtual hike work?

Our Virtual Hike for Hospice is an online fundraising initiative that allows you to register and hold your own symbolic ‘walk’ and still fundraise for an important cause. Simply register for the Virtual Hike for Hospice by clicking here and complete your “Walk” anytime and anywhere you desire. Spread awareness for palliative care in your community!

Can anyone participate?

Absolutely! We encourage participants of all ages and ability levels to participate. During these unprecedented times, it is important to stay active and healthy. Take initiative to engage in healthy activities!  Hike with your out of town family a “virtual” hike makes participation easy for “virtually” everyone!

Are we limited to just “hiking”?

No! You are encouraged to be creative in the type of activities you do such as walking outdoors with social distancing in mind, using home exercising equipment such as treadmills, or following a YouTube walking video! Just be sure to be mindful and do your part in keeping our community safe. Times like these require some creativity in staying safe and healthy.

How can I register for the Hike for Hospice?

Our Virtual Hike for Hospice Campaign is now live! Please click here to start your registration process and fundraise for Burnaby Hospice Society!

Do you have any tips for fundraising during COVID-19 times?

Yes! Please check out our Fundraising Tips PDF.

How will you know that I have completed my hike?

We are encouraging hikers to share their virtual hike experience, including pre-event interactions through your personal social media sites. Feel free to include a message of encouragement or the reason you are participating. Don’t forget to tag ‘Burnaby Hospice Society’ in your post so that we can capture everyone’s moments. Share who you are hiking for or why you support Hospice Palliative Care? Be creative with your posts. Are you walking with your pet? Show us!

We also recommend you use devices such as your cellphone, Fit-bits and fitness racking apps to help track your process.

I don’t have social media but want to share my hike story and experience. How can I still participate?

Hikers can send their photos and videos to and with your permission we can share your photos and videos on our social media channels. If you are creating a video to share please ensure it is 60 seconds in length or less! Otherwise, we cannot share your moment(s) on Instagram.

I want to support hospice but don’t want to participate in the hike, what else can I do?

You can still be a part of our hike by pledging someone who is participating or to the general event itself. Or, visit our website at to learn more about other ways to donate.

The Hike and COVID-19

Your health and safety is our top priority. COVID-19 is an evolving situation for all of us. We encourage all virtual hikers to check in with their local governments to ensure they’re adhering to the most up-to-date social distancing practices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We’ll miss being able to celebrate this important milestone together, in person. Please be mindful of these regulations at all times and most importantly, be safe.

Can I participate in memory of a loved one?

Absolutely – many of our participants participate to honour the memory of a loved one. Physical exercise in a peaceful place offers a perfect space for reflection – as well as showing your support for other neighbours and community members in Burnaby who are about to, or have recently gone through the journey.  Knowing that you are not alone is especially important during the pandemic imposed social isolation.