Bereavement Support

Residents of Burnaby who are experiencing grief may use our bereavement support services registration within the Burnaby Palliative Care Program is not needed.

Contact us at 604-520-5024.

The counsellor will do a thorough phone screening and intake to ensure that our counselling services and support groups are the best fit for your needs. There are times when it is in your best interest that we refer you to another professional or organization who might be a better fit. Regardless of the outcome, we will inform you about possible next steps to take in order to receive support that is best suited to your concerns.


Bereavement counselling is for individuals who have experienced the death of someone they care about and would like informed, professional support in processing the experience of grief.

Grief can at times feel unbearable, isolating and scary. In such moments, we as humans have longings to feel seen, heard, known, understood and cared for. Our Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) strives to provide compassionate care, empathy, and a non-judgmental safe space where you can share your unique story and learn about common responses in grief. Most importantly, you will receive support in processing, integrating and honouring your grief.

Our RCC provides short-term individual counselling (9 to 12 sessions) to young adults and adults within 2 years of loss. Services are client-centered and specific to grief counselling. We also recommend specific referrals, if further support is required.



Burnaby Hospice Society bereavement volunteers lead weekly walks on scenic park trails in the City of Burnaby for people who are experiencing grief due to the death of someone they care about. These walks provide informal grief support, comfort and companionship to make your grief journey bearable. An optional coffee/social time follows each walk. Our walking groups provide an opportunity to walk and talk, while meeting new people who share a common experience that can provide mutual support and acceptance. This program combines informal support with fresh air and exercise. For more details, please contact the Bereavement Program Coordinator at 604-520-5024.

*Initial registration is required for all groups. A minimum of 3 months waiting period, after the loss of a loved one, is required for all groups. A Doctor’s note is required to ensure physical ability to participate in the walking group.