Bereavement Support

Residents of Burnaby who are experiencing grief may use our bereavement support servicesyour loved one does not have to be registered within the Burnaby Palliative Care Program.

Call 604-520-5024 for information.


Individual Counselling

Bereavement counselling is for those who have experienced the death of someone in their life and are struggling to adapt. Grief can be isolating and scary for those living with it. This type of counselling provides a safe place to share one’s story, learn about loss and common reactions, and have some professional assistance and support in the grieving process. Our Registered Clinical Counselor provides short-term individual counselling (between 9 to 12 sessions) to young adults and adults within 2 years of loss. Services are client-centered and specific to grief counselling. We also recommend specific referrals, if further support is required.

Bereavement Groups


This monthly (first Friday of the month) informal support circle is for adults who are looking for a less formal grief support group following the loss of a spouse or life partner. This is a good opportunity to be with others experiencing a specific loss and gain support and understanding in a safe environment.


Burnaby Hospice Society bereavement volunteers lead weekly walks on scenic park trails in the City of Burnaby for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one. These walks provide informal grief support, comfort and companionship to make your grief journey bearable. An optional coffee/social time follows each walk. Our walking groups provide an opportunity to walk and talk, while meeting new people who share a common experience that can provide mutual support and acceptance. This program combines informal support with fresh air and exercise.

*Initial registration is required for all groups. A minimum of 3 months waiting period, after the loss of a loved one, is required for all groups. A Doctor’s note is required to ensure physical ability to participate in the walking group. Please call the Bereavement Coordinator at 604-520-5024 or email: to inquire about groups.