What do I do after the death of a loved one?

When a loved one dies, you may be too tired or upset to cope with the situation alone. What can you do?

  • Take time to say goodbye at the bedside or as appropriate
  • Determine who needs to know about what has happened
  • Contact your support network for guidance and support
  • Ask for professional assistance

Contact a funeral home – a physician will sign the Medical Certificate of Death and the Funeral Home will then arrange for pick up of the body.

If the death happened at the hospital, collect personal items and see to the release of valuables at the verification office and/or cashier’s office.

Arranging a Funeral – the cost and services may vary among funeral homes. Feel free to contact several before making your decision. The job of the funeral director is to help you with the official paperwork and arrange the services according to your wishes.

Financial Issues regarding funeral costs, burial and cremation – some people have special insurance, or funds set aside; sometimes a lodge or association will provide financial help. Veterans with limited finances may qualify for help 604-572-3242. If there are no resources for funeral expenses through either the individual’s estate or family, or other source, the Ministry of Human Resources may help with these costs, 604-660-2421