• Family Physician _____________________
  • Community Care Professional ___________________
  • Social Worker ________________________
  • Burnaby Hospice Society Counsellor: 604-520-5024
  • Fraser Health Crisis Line: 604-951-8855
  • BC Bereavement Helpline: 604-738-9950 (M-F 9am-5pm)
  • HealthLink BC: 811 or healthlinkbc.ca (24 hours)
  • Home Health service line: 1-855-412-2121 (M-F: 8:30-4:30), to speak with trained staff who can provide on-the-spot service in multiple languages. For a palliative care consultation, assessment of eligibility for subsidized residential care or assisted living facility, to report a senior who is experiencing abuse, neglect or self-neglect, assessment for residential care or assisted living facility, assistance with personal care, respite to caregivers, assessment by an occupational or physical therapist.