Venues of Service

Many services are available at our office with great transportation access. We also provide counselling over the telephone and have a companioning volunteer program that visits with clients on a weekly basis. Burnaby Hospice Society provides care through the Palliative Complex Care Unit at the Burnaby General Hospital and at St. Michael’s Hospice:

St. Michael’s Hospice

St. Michael’s Hospice is a 16-bed residence that assists people who are dying and their family members to live in a place that feels like home. Nursing staff and palliative care physicians provide twenty-four hour care under the direction of the Hospice Patient Care Manager. If you have questions about personal care, medical treatment, nutrition, spiritual support or equipment speak with the Patient Care Coordinator.

For information about admission to St. Michael’s Hospice, please contact the Burnaby Palliative Care Team at (604) 918-7480. To arrange a tour, please contact the St. Michael’s Centre Hospice Patient Care Manager.

Contact information:

Address: 7451 Sussex Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5J 5C2

Main Phone Number: (604) 434-1323

Hospice Direct Line: (604) 412-2174

General Information:



Volunteers provide companioning and emotional support, caregiver assistance and complementary therapies to palliative individuals and their families. We accept volunteer referrals from individuals and the Hospice Palliative Care Team and Burnaby Home Health.

Burnaby Hospital and 2D Palliative Care Unit

Burnaby Hospital is a community hospital providing primary and palliative care. The focus of the 11-bed palliative care unit (PCU) is to manage distressing symptoms and ensure comfort when cure is no longer possible. If you have questions all the way from personal care to spiritual support speak with the Patient Care Coordinator.

Hospice Society volunteers visit the Palliative Care Unit and palliative patients on other hospital wards.

Burnaby Hospital Contact Information:

Address: 3935 Kincaid St Burnaby, B.C. V5G 2X6

Main Phone Number: (604) 434-4211

Palliative Care Unit Direct Line: (604) 412-6298


Long Term Care Facilities.

Specially trained hospice volunteers offer their support to help palliative clients and their families at long term care facilities.

Fraser Health – Burnaby Home Health

Home Health provides a range of health care and support services for eligible residents with palliative health care needs. The Home Health Service Intake Line accepts self-referrals; services are based on eligibility and require an assessment.

Contact information:

Address: 400-4946 Canada Way Burnaby, BC V5G 4H7

Phone: (604)-918-7447

Intake (Home Health Service Line): 1-855-412-2121