Who We Are & What We Believe

Burnaby Hospice Society is long standing in this community and is dedicated to providing information, counselling and psycho-social support services to individuals with a life-limiting illness, along with their families and caregivers, and the bereaved. Through our services we endeavour to support and empower individuals to live with intention and experience meaning, dignity and quality of life to the fullest extent. As a result, we hope individuals experience less trepidation and a greater sense of peace as they face dying and death. To this end it is important to provide a continuum of support as individuals transition through various stages of health and treatment.

Trust and relationships form a stronger foundation when built over time. A strong foundation benefits individuals by helping them to incorporate the knowledge and support given to form strategies aimed at regaining a sense of control and enrichment in life despite the effects of alternating treatments, and the inherent pain, loss and uncertainty emanating from illness. For the family and caregivers this also helps to prevent the development of complicated grief and physical and mental illness following the loved one’s death by offering a seamless source of information, referrals, support, companioning, stress management, alternate therapies and counselling, upfront.

Who We Serve

While what we offer is applicable to individuals from the time of diagnosis, it is particularly valuable once the prognosis has shifted from seeking a cure to maximizing the quality and length of the individual’s life. All of our programs and services are for Burnaby residents.