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Burnaby Hospice

Our Vision: No one in Burnaby needs to go through the end-of-life journey alone.

Our Mission

We provide services in Burnaby to individuals and families going through the end-of-life journey.  We support individuals who are in palliative or hospice care along with their families and caregivers.  We educate our community about death, dying and bereavement.

We are dedicated to hospice care.

We bring awareness to our community around death, dying and bereavement.

We responsibly steward our resources and people.

We provide a community of compassionate care.

We preserve the dignity of people who are dying, along with their families and caregivers.

Burnaby Hospice Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing compassionate care to individuals and families during the end-of-life journey, and to educating the community about death and dying.

At the centre of what we do is the belief that no one needs to go through this process alone. We provide emotional, social and practical support to patients and families and offer resources to serve the Burnaby community.

Every year we support over 1000 families; there is no fee for our services and we accept referrals from anyone. We have close to 200 volunteers trained, supported, and managed by our staff who enable us to offer quality services to those in need.

We fundraise to support the ongoing operations of our programs, and the development and expansion of services based on community needs. We also operate a thrift store which contributes 65% of our annual operating revenue.

We are dedicated to compassionately guiding individuals and families through the end-of-life journey and welcome any support as we serve the community.









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People Say

“With Canada’s aging population on the rise, the demand for end-of-life care will increase significantly. The physical, emotional and spiritual support that the Burnaby Hospice Society provides ensure that people confronting this difficult life passage receive the highest quality of care for themselves, their families and friends. I fully support the work of the Society and thank them for the invaluable, selfless service they offer to the community.”

Peter Julian
MP (Burnaby New Westminster)

“After my husband passed away, the assistance and encouragement that I received from the Burnaby Hospice Society gave me the support I needed to help me adjust to the dramatic changes in my life. Don”t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Burnaby Hospice Society is there for us, for our community.”

Past Client/Volunteer

“Thank you for all the care and compassion showed to my husband and our family. With your support we were able to grant him his last wish to come home. He was at peace for his final days.”

Past Client

Board of Directors

David Chapin
Thea Juett (Founder)
Gary Mackenzie
(Vice President)
Jackie Merandi
Gay Klietzke
Vincent Chang
Richard Hancock
Aaron Morrison

Meet the Team

Mellanie Wakeland

Administration Coordinator

Passionate about giving back, Mellanie loves working with a great team. She uses her experience and education to coordinate the office and plan events and fundraisers. She is married with two great kids.


Curtis Lee

General Manager of Operations

After volunteering with the society, Curtis saw firsthand the importance and need of their services. He coordinates the thrift store, whose revenue enables the society to provide its services free of charge. He’s also an avid watch collector and a huge Montreal Canadiens fan.


Cordelia Mejin MA, RCC, CCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor
& Bereavement Program Coordinator

Grief can feel unbearable at times. Cordelia’s hope is to support you in such moments. She believes that we as humans have longings to feel seen, heard, known, understood, felt, accepted, and cared for, especially in moments of grief. As such, she strives to provide compassionate care, empathy and a safe place.

She holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. She has supported individuals in multiple settings. Additionally, she has obtained training at the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition.


Lucia Brum

Store Manager

Lucy started volunteering with the society in honour of her Dad, and was later offered a position on the team. Born and raised in Ontario, she worked in the financial industry for 14 years. She admires the good that is done through the society and now enjoys her small contribution to its growth. She lives happily in Burnaby with her husband and Havanese dog, Bobbie.


Kara Davies

Palliative Volunteer Coordinator

Kara believes that committed volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit and she’s passionate about the power of volunteering in creating healthy and vibrant communities. She’s spent many years volunteering herself and knows first-hand when people come together how much can be accomplished. She is in awe over the work of the Burnaby Hospice Society volunteers and is happy to play a small role in this amazing team.


Cheryl Peacock

Thrift Store Clerk

When Cheryl’s best friend passed away, the Burnaby Hospice Society’s counseling services helped her deal with the grief. She started volunteering with the society, and when the opportunity presented itself, applied for a position. She loves knowing that her work is helping people. She lives in Burnaby with her two cats, Pepper and Baby.

Elizabeth West

Thrift Store Clerk

I first came to the Burnaby Hospice Society through an employment preparation program offered by the YMCA. After I finished my work placement, I felt the desire to stay and volunteer to help a worthy cause. Shortly after, I was hired as a part time employee. I am a loyal fan of the Vancouver Canucks and I purchase as much Canucks merchandise as possible to help support the team.  GO Canucks, GO!

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