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We believe no one should have to walk the end-of-life journey alone. 

When you donate to Burnaby Hospice Society, you help us offer hospice palliative care and bereavement support programs and services to all members of the Burnaby community at no charge.

With your support, we can continue to offer these important services to those who are dying, supporting others, or grieving.

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All donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt for income tax purposes.
For more information or to arrange any type of gift, please contact us. 

Burnaby Hospice Society is a charitable organization registered with Canada Revenue Agency (BN/Charitable Registration Number: 129481388RR0001). 

Monthly Giving

Increase your impact by giving monthly to ensure each new client receives the support they need at one of the most difficult times of their lives. You can make a monthly gift through your credit card or have an amount automatically debited from your bank account.

A Gift in Memory

A gift in memory is a meaningful and lasting tribute to a loved one. Your gift will be acknowledged with a letter to the family, along with your charitable tax receipt.

Employee Campaigns

If your employer gives to the United Way, you can support the Burnaby Hospice Society by designating the gift on your pledge card.

Legacy Giving

Legacy giving is an impactful way to support the things you care about most—now and after you are gone. For many donors, it can also be an important part of estate planning that requires thoughtful consideration, often involving family and financial advisors.

There are many ways to make a legacy gift.

A bequest of cash or property through your will to the Burnaby Hospice Society can be a tangible expression of appreciation for the services that we offer and a gesture that might not be financially possible during your working or retirement years. There are several ways to make a bequest to the Burnaby Hospice Society:

  • Special bequest: a fixed amount of cash or a particular asset or property
  • Percentage share: a percentage share of the whole estate
  • Contingent bequest: will only take effect in the event of the prior death of other beneficiaries

If you are planning to have a will drafted for the first time, or are considering making changes to your current will, your financial advisor can include a bequest to Burnaby Hospice Society.

Charitable gifts made in a will are deemed made in the year of death. Therefore, the charitable tax receipt is issued to the estate and can offset any tax owing from it. The information you provide is kept strictly confidential. You are not obligated to maintain your bequest should your circumstances or intentions change. A bequest is a revocable gift and you can modify or amend your will at any time.

To help us plan, please let us know if you have already made a bequest to the Society. We would welcome the opportunity to thank you for your gift.

You can maximize the value of your estate by naming the Burnaby Hospice Society as a direct beneficiary of your Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF).

If the beneficiary of your RRSP is someone other than your spouse, common law partner, or a financially dependent child or grandchild, the proceeds of the RRSP will be taxed as ordinary income on your estate. However, if a charitable organization is named a beneficiary, the total amount of the RRSP (or designated portion) will be given directly to the charity and will not be subject to probate. Your estate will receive a charitable donation tax receipt for total amount that has been gifted through your RRSP.

To include the Burnaby Hospice Society as a beneficiary of your RRSP, please contact your financial advisor or financial institution to update your beneficiary designation.

Insurance gifts are cost-effective and allow donors to give a larger gift than they may have thought possible. When you name a charitable organization as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the benefits of that policy go directly to the charity upon death and your estate receives a charitable tax receipt. A gift of life insurance is separate from your estate value and has no effect on its assets.

There are two ways that you can use a life insurance policy to benefit the work of the Burnaby Hospice Society:

Existing policy

You can use a policy that you presently own and change the ownership and beneficiary to the Society. For premium payments that you make, we will provide you with a tax receipt for the full amount. You can also retain ownership and name the Burnaby Hospice Society as a beneficiary. However, in this case Revenue Canada does not allow a tax receipt to be issued.

New policy

You can take out a new policy and make the Burnaby Hospice Society owner and beneficiary or just beneficiary. However, as indicated above, unless the Society is the owner of the policy, Revenue Canada will not allow a tax receipt to be issued.

The advantages of using a life insurance policy to make a legacy gift are:

  • Considerable tax benefits
  • A full range of products, price ranges and payment options to suit your circumstances
  • Not subject to taxes, probate costs or estate debts
  • Make a substantial future gift through relatively small monthly, yearly or single deposits from current income

A charitable gift annuity is an irrevocable contract between you and a charity, under which you contribute cash or other property in exchange for a specified, guaranteed, tax-preferred income paid at regular intervals for life. Depending on age, all or a substantial portion of the annuity payments may be tax free.

A gift of residual interest is an arrangement where an item of value is deemed to the Burnaby Hospice Society, but the donor retains the use for life or a term of years. The donor is entitled to a tax receipt for the assessed fair market value of the property at the time the gift is made.

A charitable remainder trust can be made during a donor’s lifetime or established within a will. Under this type of planned gift, the donor makes a gift to the Burnaby Hospice Society through a trust agreement. If the property generates income, the net will be paid to the named beneficiaries.

If you are interested in more information on legacy giving options, please contact us. We also strongly encourage you to consult with your own financial advisor and family when making your estate plans.

Thank you for considering us.


When including a gift to the Burnaby Hospice Society in your will or any other document, it is extremely important that you use our correct legal name: Burnaby Hospice Society. Since many charities have similar names, changing or leaving out even one word can lead to confusion. It could even result in costs to your estate, or your gift failing.

To avoid this, when planning your gift, please use our full legal name:
Burnaby Hospice Society
Charitable Registration Number: 129481388-RR-0001